How to invest smartly in crypto? 🥸 - Newsletter #29

Self-cleaning is one of Ambrosia's key features, and the reason for the outperformance of passive management


How to invest smartly in crypto? 🥸

Welcome to the new issue of the Ambrosia Newsletter. We meet again to review the news of the markets. 

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Actively managing your portfolio is probably a big mistake! Especially when you're an individual and don't have much time 🕤 


Simply because active management requires :

  • Selecting the best projects 
  • Regularly rebalance positions 
  • "Time" the market to try to buy at the lowest price
  • Closely follow crypto and macroeconomic news 
  • ...... 

In short, it requires far too many skills that even the best traders don't have ❌ 

That's why, at Ambrosia, we're convinced that the majority of investors should focus on an index strategy! 

With Crypto Baskets, invest in a pre-designed, ultra-diversified portfolio and according to your risk appetite 🤩


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What is MATIC crypto?  

With this corner of Polygon Polygon, it's now possible to transact with ridiculously low fees. 

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We answer your questions in public. Here's the best one we were asked:

Nicolas: "Why do you say Ambrosia's portfolios have a self-cleaning capability?"

Self-cleaning is a characteristic that is behind the outperformance of passive management. Indeed, at Ambrosia, we opt for an index strategy that replicates the performance of a set of crypto-assets 📈 

But index composition changes over time! 

Take the example of our top 10 theme, made up of the 10 largest cryptos in terms of capitalization:  

Recently, the 10th crypto moved up to 11th and vice versa. In this case, the former 10th crypto which moved up to 11th has left the index and been replaced by the former 11th crypto which has just moved up to 10th 💁🏼‍♂️ 

Our Crypto Baskets are therefore constantly optimized, all in a 100% passive way, as you don't need to do any rebalancing yourself!

In a few words, self-cleaning allows our Crypto Baskets to replace the most relevant assets with new market opportunities 💥  



The next US presidential election will take place in November 2024. And for some months now, some candidates have been highlighting their strong interest in crypto 💥

This is notably the case of Robert F. Kennedy Jr, Joe Biden's main challenger among the Democrats, who is known for his pro-crypto positions 👊

He states that, "Bitcoin is a symbol of Freedom and a currency of Freedom" and that, "Our freedom to transact and save should not be at the mercy of political authorities."

According to his investment statements, he even owns up to $250,000 worth of Bitcoins 💰

And on the Republican side, they're also defending crypto! Candidate Ron DeSantis has announced an unprecedented measure: to partially back the US dollar with Bitcoin.

Myth or reality? In any case, the next US election promises to be an exciting one 🤩

That's it for today! We'll see you very soon for a new issue 😁


Victor Demonchaux

Co-founder & CEO


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