300 days to go until Bitcoin's Halving 🗓 - Newsletter #24

Considered the most important event in the Web 3 industry, Halving takes place every 4 years!


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Welcome to the new issue of the Ambrosia Newsletter. We meet again to review the crypto news. 

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What's new at Ambrosia?

15 days after the launch of our mobile app 📱

Several hundred of you downloaded our app after we announced our official launch. We have just one word: THANK YOU 🙏🏻

The adventure is just beginning! We still have plenty of other announcements and surprises for you.

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L'actu des marchés 

Bitcoin Pizza Day  🍕

Le 22 mai 2010, un développeur nommé Laszlo Hanyecz, proposait 10 000 bitcoins contre une pizza.

4 jours plus tard, un livreur arrive à son domicile avec cette fameuse pizza. C’est le tout premier objet du monde réel acheté en utilisant Bitcoin !

Lazlo nous prouvait alors que Bitcoin est une réel monnaie qui s’échange de pair à pair et met fin au débat sur son utilité pratique.

A l’époque, ces 10 000 BTC avaient un équivalent de 41$. Une pizza un peu chère certes, mais rien d’absurde ! Malheureusement pour Lazlo, 13 ans plus tard, les 10 000 bitcoins valent désormais 270 millions de dollars.

Une volatilité très faible 🥱

La principale raison qui explique le peu de fluctuations sur le marché crypto depuis quelques semaines est à chercher du côté du contexte macroéconomique. 

En effet, l'actualité a été dominée par la question autour du relèvement du plafond de la dette américaine. Dans l'attente de la fin des négociations, les marchés actions et crypto restent très prudents et n'évoluent pas tellement. 

Les portefeuilles d'Ambrosia connaissent alors une performance neutre sur les 30 derniers jours.

Market news 

Bitcoin Pizza Day 🍕

On May 22, 2010, a developer named Laszlo Hanyecz offered 10,000 bitcoins for a pizza.

4 days later, a deliveryman arrived at his home with the pizza. It was the very first real-world object purchased using Bitcoin!

Lazlo proved that Bitcoin is a real currency that can be exchanged peer-to-peer, and put an end to the debate about its practicality.

At the time, these 10,000 BTC were worth the equivalent of $41. A rather expensive pizza, but nothing absurd! Unfortunately for Lazlo, 13 years later, those 10,000 bitcoins are now worth $270 million.

Very low volatility 🥱

The main reason for the lack of fluctuations on the crypto market in recent weeks is to be found in the macroeconomic context. 

Indeed, the news has been dominated by the question surrounding the raising of the US debt ceiling. Pending the end of negotiations, the equity and crypto markets remain very cautious and are not moving much. 

As a result, Ambrosia's portfolios have had a neutral performance over the last 30 days.

The microphone is yours 🎤

We answer your questions in public. Here's the best one we were asked:

Marie: "Are we going to see a crypto renaissance?"

In around 300 days, the Bitcoin Halving will take place!

Considered the most important event in the web 3 industry, the Halving takes place every 4 years. Its role is to divide by 2 the rewards for miners, i.e. those involved in securing the Bitcoin blockchain.

Historically, Halving has always had a direct impact on crypto prices. By issuing half as many Bitcoins on the market, supply falls short of demand. This then creates a phenomenon of rising prices for Bitcoin, which in turn boosts the rest of the crypto market. 

This event has always led to a considerable rise in price. But there's no guarantee that the same will happen next year!

This week's topics 

Determining your exit strategy 💁‍♂️ 

When to sell crypto? Obviously, given current crypto market conditions, taking profits is out of the question for long-term investors.

But it's during calm periods that you need to sit back and think about your exit strategy.

To find out more

Will Ethereum overtake Bitcoin 🤷‍♂️

In the world of crypto-currencies, two names dominate the landscape: Bitcoin and Ethereum. These two major players have captured the imagination of investors and technology enthusiasts alike since their inception. 

While Bitcoin is often considered the pioneer of digital currencies, Ethereum has quickly become a serious rival.

To find out more

That's it for today! We'll see you very soon for a new issue 😁

Victor Demonchaux

Co-founder & CEO


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