The power of Dollar Cost Average 💪 - Newsletter #28

This week, we're doing a little case study on the importance of investing every month to smooth out your investment over time.


The power of Dollar Cost Average 💪

Welcome to the new issue of the Ambrosia Newsletter. We meet again to review the crypto news. 

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You're flying to the other side of the world; 

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We wish you a wonderful summer with your loved ones and family 🌞 

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We answer your questions in public. Here's the best one we received:

Julie: "How can I overcome my fear of investing?"

On the one hand, you have the media making you believe that it's only for the rich;

On the other, those closest to you keep telling you that it's far too risky 🙅🏻‍♂️

But let's look at the problem in reverse. What's the risk of not investing?  


If you leave your money in the bank, you have a 100% chance of losing it. Especially with current inflation!

Whereas by investing, you leave yourself the hope of profiting from :  

💸 Finance a personal project  

💸 Pay for your children's education 

💸 Enjoy a retirement 

💸 Etc...

In 2023, investing is within everyone's reach, even for those with just a few euros 💥



A few months ago, the BRICS announced that they no longer wanted to be dependent on the US dollar. Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa have become the emerging economies that are upsetting the West 💥 


Their project is simple: to reduce the influence of the USD, which has not been challenged since the end of the Second World War! And to get rid of the reign of the almighty dollar, the BRICS want to launch a common currency backed by Gold.


Perhaps it would even have been simpler to use Bitcoin, but that's another debate! 😅 


Since then, many countries have said they want to join the BRICS group. There are over 40 of them! Among them are Indonesia, Argentina, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates. 


Of course, the USA is keeping a close eye on things. For them, the dollar is indispensable for an economically balanced world. But of course... 🤦🏻‍♂️




The crypto market has been at half-mast for a year and a half now. The peak was reached in November 2021 🙇‍♂️ 


In 2022, many players and projects collapsed, such as FTX, Terra Luna, Voyager, Celsius, etc... As a result, prices also collapsed 📉 


At its peak, the crypto market had a total capitalization of over 3,000 billion dollars. Today, it stands at just $1,100 billion! In short, a drop of nearly 65% 🥵 

Concerning Bitcoin, the first crypto, it had a price of $69,000 in November 2021. It's worth around $30,000 today! Again, a drop of around 55% 🥶 


Despite this extreme volatility, if you'd invested every month, you'd still be well into gains! 🤑 


Let's take the example of Jean-Paul, who has invested €100 every month in Bitcoin for the past year and a half. He would earn 13%. That's a profit of €260 on €2,000 invested 💸 

That's the strength of the monthly DCA !!! Even if Jean-Paul invested at the worst possible time, it still makes him a winning investor 💪 


And at Ambrosia, we systematically recommend this strategy to our customers to smooth out entry points as much as possible.

That's it for today! See you very soon 😁

Victor Demonchaux

Co-founder & CEO


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