The year 2022 in review - Newsletter #16

Let's take a look at the highlights of Ambrosia in 2022 and what's next for 2023


The entire Ambrosia team wishes you a happy holiday season! 🎉

As you may have noticed, 2022 was not a smooth year. Maybe the bad weather in the markets made you doubt to get into crypto... And we understand it! But isn't it during difficult times that the best opportunities arise?

Ambrosia 2022 retrospective

What a year, thank you! Let's make a timeline of Ambrosia's highlights. 

January 2022

Ambrosia is the winner of the Petit Poucet entrepreneurship contest. Our first victory in a prestigious entrepreneurship contest 👊🏼

February 2022

Ambrosia is named among the 20 most promising startups. A pride for the whole team! 💥

March 2022

Ambrosia for the first time on TV! Our co-founder & CEO appeared on the B SMART channel to answer questions from Jean-Marc Sylvestre 📺

April 2022

Ambrosia has been selected to join the Binance Labs incubation program. And for those who don't know, Binance is the number 1 crypto-currency trading platform in the world 🏆

May 2022

Ambrosia sets up shop at STATION F. For those who don't know, it's simply the biggest startup campus in the world. A land of creation and entrepreneurship gathering incubators, VCs, administrations, etc ✅

June 2022

Ambrosia realizes its first fundraising with Binance as lead investor. The amount is still confidential but we will reveal it very soon 💰

July 2022

Ambrosia officially registered as a DASP. An accreditation issued by the French Financial Markets Authority and which is the Holy Grail for crypto industry players in France 🇫🇷

August 2022

Ambrosia joins ADAN, the Association for the Development of Digital Assets 🏛

September 2022

Ambrosia recruits a team of 8 people to accelerate its development and become the French leader 🥇

October 2022

Ambrosia finally launches its first investment product: the DeFi Savings Account. A solution to optimize your savings delivering a return of up to 5.5% per year! 💪🏼

November 2022

Ambrosia joins the French Tech community. An aid delivered by Bpifrance for young innovative companies, with a real growth potential 🚀

December 2022

Ambrosia is working on new crypto investment solutions with personalized support for each of its clients. And good news, our mobile app is under development!"📱

What's new in 2023

We've all heard of crypto millionaires. That's right, there are a few! But they are only a tiny minority of investors. Truth be told, most of them lose money by positioning themselves in the digital currency market. 

Why do they lose money? Simply because too many investors think that it is easy to make money quickly with crypto. They then tend to overlook the associated risks and invest in assets that are doomed to die. 

That's where Ambrosia comes in! Very soon, a dedicated crypto advisor will accompany you in a personalized way. Depending on your objectives and your risk appetite, a portfolio of diversified assets will be proposed to you. All of this on a mobile application for a great user experience!

That's it for today! See you in 2023 and until then, we wish you a happy New Year's Eve 🎉


Victor Demonchaux

Co-founder & CEO


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