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A mobile application on which to invest in a simple and efficient way? It is very soon possible thanks to Ambrosia!




Welcome to the new issue of the Ambrosia Newsletter. We meet again to review the news of the markets. 

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A mobile app on which to invest in a simple and efficient way? It is very soon possible thanks to Ambrosia

We have developed a platform to help you in your first crypto investment. Our Baskets, composed of the best assets on the market, have the advantage of being ultra diversified. And the best part is that you don't have to lift a finger to manage your portfolio. Our teams take care of rebalancing your portfolio at the end of each month! 

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MARKET ANALYSIS: Bitcoin going crazy?

On February 15, Bitcoin grew by a whopping 11% in just 24 hours! The symbolic $25,000 mark was even surpassed!

Once again, when Bitcoin goes into bullrun mode, the rest of the crypto market is automatically propelled into the green:

ETH: +8.7

BNB: +7.7

MATIC: +9.7


The advantage with Ambrosia's Crypto Baskets is that you are exposed to all these assets at the same time. So by being ultra-diversified, you can take advantage of the market's rise without having to worry about missing out on the best opportunities!

99% of crypto are shitcoins 

1,105,239: this is the number of new cryptos that were launched in 2022.

They have been created without any defined purpose and have no use. They are purely speculative instruments. That's why they are called shitcoins 💰

How to know if the crypto is a shitcoin or not? Analyze the fundamentals, study the founding team, find out who the investors are, track the history, etc...

This is why investing in crypto takes time... ⏱

But good news! Ambrosia makes your life easier with diversified Crypto Baskets that require no management effort.

Why Bitcoin can be a solution to the crisis in Lebanon

Since October 2019, Lebanon has been hit hard by triple-digit inflation levels. Over the year 2022, a general price increase of 171.2% has been noted. Imagine that your €1 baguette today would cost you €2.71 in a year's time. How would you react? 😰

And in parallel to that, the majority of Lebanese can't access their money in the bank for several weeks already. Desperate, some have no other recourse than to burn down banking institutions to make things change.

Although the IMF has proposed a $3 billion aid package to save the Lebanese banking system, it does not seem to be enough... It would actually take $67 billion for the 14 main Lebanese banks that are on the brink of collapse.  

Meanwhile, the Lebanese pound (LBP) continues to fall. Its rate has even reached a new historical low. And as the Lebanese no longer have access to their money kept in the bank, their savings are shrinking day by day...  

What is the lesson to be learned from this? Our money stored in the bank does not belong to us ❌ 

This is why Bitcoin is presenting itself as a solution to the crisis in Lebanon because : 

✅ Bitcoin is a safe haven that protects us from inflation  

✅ Bitcoin allows everyone to become their own bank 

✅ Bitcoin gives power back to the people through its decentralization

Should you consider building up your own pension?

Divide by 2! This is the calculation you must apply to determine your retirement pension in relation to your income.

Indeed, we notice that executives face an average loss of 49% of their income when they retire. Why such a drop? Simply because the current retirement system is out of breath.

Even worse! It is a Ponzi scheme! The more time passes, the more the population ages while the number of active contributors does not increase:

✅ In 1965, 4.29 working people contributed for one retiree;

🆚 In 2022, the number of working people contributing falls to 2 ;

❌ And by 2070, that number will rise to 1.5...

Faced with this observation, you have two options:

1️⃣ Rely on a retirement system that is running out of steam:

By placing your future in the hands of the state, you risk receiving your retirement at a very advanced age for a ridiculous pension.

2️⃣ Take control of your assets and build your own retirement:

There are several options for investing your money. For that, there are the crypto that present themselves today as a real investment lever.

You think investing in crypto is too complicated? Ambrosia accompanies you in the success of your investment

That's it for today! We'll see you very soon for a new issue 😁

Victor Demonchaux

Co-founder & CEO


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