A record month for our Crypto Baskets 🦾 - Newsletter #22

The vast majority of crypto's have performed exceptionally well over the last 30 days. And good news for our investors, our Crypto Baskets too!


A record month for our Crypto Baskets 🦾

Welcome to this new issue of the Ambrosia Newsletter. Let's get together to review the market news. 

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Crypto Basket in dizzying phase 📈

In the wake of Silicon Valley Bank's collapse, the crypto ecosystem is booming 💥

With a growing lack of trust in banking institutions, many investors have recently made the choice to turn to digital assets. Indeed, it is their decentralized aspect that makes them popular!

As a result, the vast majority of cryptos have performed exceptionally well over the past 30 days. And good news for our investors, our Crypto Baskets too: 

  • Royal Basket: 21.8% growth
  • Top 10 Basket: 19.8% growth
  • Blockchain Basket: 15.2% growth

Once again, 2023 is a year of accumulation with particularly interesting entry points for long-term investment. It would be too bad not to take advantage of it!

Far too many new investors are losing money 💥

Why? Simply because they make the basic mistakes of a beginner:  

❌ Investing in anything and everything, including shitcoins 

❌ Not thinking about smoothing their investment over time 

❌ Being afraid of missing the train and getting into FOMO 

❌ Not taking the time to understand the associated risks  

Is this a reason not to invest in crypto? NO!  

We are currently in the middle of crypto winter. The market presents particularly good long-term buying opportunities!  

And in a year's time, it's halving time: bitcoin production will be halved. This date has historically always launched a new growth cycle for cryptos. 

That's why Ambrosia was designed to help you position yourself smoothly and simply:  

✅ Co-construct your crypto portfolio according to your expectations and goals 

✅ Benefit from expert support at your disposal 7 days a week 

✅ Access high-end and dynamic investments with 100% passive management -

✅ Plan an accumulation plan by investing in a programmed way  

So, ready to take the plunge?

The mic is yours 🎤

We answer your questions in public. Here is the best one we were asked:

Ludovic: "I often hear that Bitcoin is very energy intensive. Why can't we move to a greener blockchain?"

For several years now, activists have been pressuring Bitcoin developers to move the blockchain to a much less energy-intensive system: the Proof of Stake.

Unfortunately, things aren't that simple. Such a change would call into question the fundamentals of Bitcoin, such as its security and decentralization 🙅🏼‍♂️

And regarding its power consumption, which is certainly important, let's also look at Bitcoin's social utility:

💪 Enabling everyone to become their own bank in a world where more than 2 billion people are unbanked

💪 Avoid having one's money blocked by one's bank as seen in Lebanon

💪 Fight against an inflation that sometimes exceeds the 100% threshold in some countries

💪 Send your money to the other side of the world in a few seconds and "without" fees

💪 Etc...

INFLATION: How to protect yourself? 🥵

With prices rising by 5.6% in France, our bank savings are melting like Nutella in the sun.  

But what to do during this period of fear and uncertainty? Safe havens are assets that are expected to maintain or increase their value during periods of economic uncertainty. So what are the main safe havens?


1️⃣ GOLD

Although gold has no intrinsic value, its appeal is primarily driven by its scarcity over the centuries. Central banks are also building up large gold reserves to reduce financial risks.



What is the risk of the USA going bankrupt in the next 10 years? Very low! Lending money to a developed country in order to earn interest has many advantages in times of economic uncertainty.


With its decentralized nature and limited number of 21 million units, bitcoin is considered digital gold. Its predictable and deflationary monetary policy gives it a second reason to be considered a safe haven, despite its high volatility.

That's it for today! We'll see you very soon for a new issue 😁

Victor Demonchaux

Co-founder & CEO


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