When is this app due? 📱 - Newsletter #21

Ambrosia's mobile app: only a few days left until the big launch! 🚀


Ambrosia's mobile app: only a few days left until the big launch! 🚀

Welcome to the new issue of the Ambrosia Newsletter. We meet again to review the crypto news. 

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Découvrir les Paniers Crypto

When is this app due? 📱

We've been telling you about our mobile application for a few weeks now. You are impatient? So are we! It's only a matter of days now ⏱

And for those who are new to Ambrosia, it's a platform that aims to help beginners get their first foot in the crypto world. They are helped to define an investment strategy while providing them with pre-designed and diversified portfolios with a passive investment perspective.

New TV for Ambrosia 📺

Our co-founder & CEO, Victor Demonchaux, spoke on Stéphane Romanyszyn's show Investisseur TV.

An exceptional month for the Royal Crypto Basket 📈

The Royal Basket is the flagship portfolio of Ambrosia's range because it is the least risky. It is 50/50 Bitcoin and Ethereum, which are by far the most capitalized, robust and strongest assets in the crypto market. 

It would seem that the banking crisis is doing digital currencies a lot of good. Following the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, Bitcoin experienced a 9-day bullish rally for a 40% performance. Since then, prices have stabilized. 

Ambrosia's Royal Basket ended March with a monthly performance of 14.2%! 💪🏼

The big French crypto conference 💥

Last week the Paris Blockchain Week took place. It is one of the biggest events in the world that gathers all the crypto and web 3 actors. 

Ambrosia's teams were there to present the Crypto Baskets and to meet our partners and customers.

Open mic 🎤

We answer your questions in public. Here is the best one we were asked:

Jean-Paul: "Why is Bitcoin often compared to digital gold?"

The unique thing about Bitcoin is that it has a finite amount of tokens. There will be 21 million issued on the market and by only one more! Unlike currencies such as the euro, which can be created in an unlimited manner by our central banks, bitcoin is rare. This characteristic makes it a safe haven to fight inflation, just like gold.

A banking system on its last legs 🥵

In the space of a week, 4 American banks have failed... This is the biggest banking crisis since the fall of Lehman Brothers in 2008. Let's focus on Silicon Valley Bank, the bank for California startups. 

Following the monetary injections of the central banks during the Covid crisis, small companies have raised record amounts of funds of several hundred million dollars. Thus, in only 2 years, the bank of startups has seen its deposits more than double, going from 74 billion to 198 billion dollars. 

However, it is important to know that a bank never lets the money it keeps sleep. Silicon Valley Bank was therefore lending its customers' money to the US government. But with the increase of the key rates, the value of its bonds decreases. To meet the demands of its customers, the bank sold the government bonds it held for $21 billion, which resulted in a loss of $1.8 billion

Silicon Valley Bank's share price plummeted and a panic ensued: all depositors wanted to withdraw their money at the same time. Not being able to meet such a demand, the bank is forced to close.

This leads us to wonder if such an event could happen in Europe? According to the regulators, our banking system is much stronger and there is nothing to worry about. Nevertheless, Credit Suisse has just been saved in extremis by UBS, Deutsche Bank is in a bad shape and BNP's share price has lost almost 20% of its capitalization over the month. 

What is the solution? Diversify your wealth on different asset classes like crypto.

That's it for today! See you very soon 😁

Victor Demonchaux

Co-founder & CEO


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